This dude is so awesome

I am really proud of a very very young guy….his name is Philip Köster, he is 17 years old and lives on Grand Canaria. What else should one do on this tiny, boring(?) island than using the wind and the waves to have some fun with a board under your feet?!? And if you can make this on a professional level, you will soon call attention to your carreer. As it just happend to this young guy. He is now sponsored by the major carmaker „Volkswagen“ Read the article. And if you ask me, he really deserves it because although he is very successful and is becoming more and more popular, he still is  a down-to-earth, nice person without airs and graces. That´s how I got to know him last saturday at the fair „Boot 2012“ in Düsseldorf.

I am pretty sure he will do as I told him „Lass Dir diese Saison nicht die Butter vom Brot nehmen!“

Phlip Köster, Boot 2012

Stay tuned 😉

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