Entscheidungen – Decisions – Besluten

Manchmal ist es im Leben so, dass man nicht zufrieden ist. Dabei ist es eigentlich egal, ob man aus beruflichen oder privaten Gründen unzufrieden ist. In jedem Fall aber sollte man sich die Zeit nehmen und den Grund herausfinden, warum man unglücklich ist.

The happiest people don´t have the best of everything, they just make the best out of everything.

So nehme ich mir die Zeit und versuche zu ergründen, was gerade in meinem Leben und insbesondere in meinem Arbeitsleben nicht so beschaffen ist, damit ich glücklich und zufrieden sein kann. Sicherlich machen die glücklicheren Menschen mehr aus dem, was sie haben. So zuversichtlich diese Weisheit auch stimmt – in Gänze stimme ich mit Ihr nicht überein, denn das Nachdenken, das Hin- und Herwälzen von Erfahrungen und Umständen, ist doch mitunter einfach mühsam! Solange die eigenen Interessen deutlich im Vordergrund stehen und keine anderen Belange berücksichtigt werden müssen, kann es sich also auch um einen falschen Ansatz handeln, die eigene Situation zu verbessern.

Ob es besser wird, wenn es anders wird, weiß ich nicht. Dass es anders werden muss, wenn es besser werden soll, ist gewiss.“ – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Die Worte dieses deutschen Naturwissenschaftlers (1742-1799) treffen es schon eher. Manchmal ist es einfach nicht zielführend, sich in den Gründen für das eigene Unwohlsein zu verlieren. Manchmal genügt einfach die Erkenntnis „So nicht!“.

Manch einer mag dieses Zitat und insbesondere die erste Hälfte vielleicht als demotivierend erachten. Ich hingegen finde den ersten Teil sehr wichtig, denn dieser baut die Spannung und die Energie auf, die man benötigt, um eine dringend nötige Änderung hervor zu rufen. Schließlich kann es, glaubt man Herrn Lichtenberg, nur dann besser werden. Ich jedenfalls glaube ihm, muss aber auch zugegeben, dass es sich um eine sehr pragmatische Herangehensweise handelt.
Doch ist es in vielen Fällen nicht genau dieser Pragmatismus, der uns fehlt? Der uns davon abhält, Neuland zu betreten und Dinge zu tun, die wir vorher nicht getan haben? Dinge, die die derzeitige verfahrene Situation vielleicht in eine geordnete Wohlfühlatmosphäre umwandeln? In unserer heutigen Gesellschaft braucht in meinen Augen jedenfalls niemand Angst davor zu haben zu verhungern, zu verdursten oder zu erfrieren. Es kann also nur die furchtlose Devise gelten „Runter vom Sofa! Rein ins Leben!“ Es kann nur besser werden.

Stay tuned
– Kaeptn Future –


Very difficult…..

I had the plan to keep some people and interested readers up-to-date regarding my plan to do something else. But as it is in life…you have to set priorities and to do more important things, which normally need a lot of time. That´s why there was no new post in the last four months. Now I had to change my priorities again and will publish some information about the last months. Hopefully u enjoy reading something about my intentions to do the things I did and the experience I gathered in this interesting time.

– KaeptnFuture –

Last fight….

…..within february and march 2012 I really got very close to the total synthesis of my target molecule. I had to run through three synthetic strategies regarding the last steps. Changing the functional groups implemented in the precursor should give me the final product. Unfortunately it was not possible to isolate the natural product in the end, although I could already detect the molecular mass in LC-MS and HRMS-ESI already. I had a crude product mixture in hands which I could not purify neither by simple column chromatography nor by more advanced HPL-Chromatography. On the other hand my results are valuable as I could develop a dependable strategy to build up necessary precursors.
Hopefully at some point people will make use of my laboratory experience and my results so far. In my opinion the synthetic strategy I was following is superior to other strategies I found so far. With my reactions I can more or less easily provdide precursors in a convergent fashion.

What my synthesis was about, I will tell you in some more detailed posts.

Stay tuned 🙂
Kaeptn Future

Good news to malaria suffering countries

I just read a very nice peace of work regarding malaria-treatment. This inspires me to show three very nice publications to you, which I discovered in the last feew weeks.  Three of them are very impressive papers, the scientific results could give malaria treatment a push. As it is not longer a secret that malaria resistance against artemisinin was discovered at the cambodian border, it is very important to elaborate new affordable drugs or to improve old ones.

But as you can read in these articles (or at least in the abstracts) there are three promising things in the pipeline.

Article one:
Malaria-infeted mice are completely cured

It describes that mice can be cured completely by artemisinin-based derivatives, the so called anilides, in combination with mefloquine. Anilides still bear a trioxane unit which is the active group in artemisinin but are further decorated with some sulfur-containing groups. These derivatives can easily be obtained by simple chemical manipulations of dihydroartemisinin and show remarkable activity against Plasmodium berghei.

Article two:
Production of the antimalarial drug precursor artemisinic acid in engineered yeast

This very interesting and trendsetting paper describes the production of artemisinic acid in genetically changed yeast. By that you can develope a very efficient way to provide infected people with artemisinin. It is just neccessary to further modify the obtained compound by two oxidation steps to get the desired antimalarial agent.

You could have asked now….ok, there is a cheap and efficient way to produce artemisinic acid and the two steps to yield artemisinin out of this acid are very straightforward as well. But why there is no application to supply people with this drug? Especially if you consider that the price for natural artemisinin fluctuates heavily as it depends on good harvests of the plant Artemisia annua.  Listen up, here comes the answer!

Article three:
Continuous-flow synthesis of the anti-malaria drug artemisinin

Seeberger and colleagues reported about a very efficient way to achieve the last synthetic steps in large scale reactions. They are using a selfbuilt flow-reactor to manage this conversions and end up with a good yield of this important drug. They claym that it is possible to produce 200g of artemisinin within one day and 1500 reactors would be enough to cover the global need for this drug. I really think that this is a promissing technique to produce affordable artemisinin-based therapeutics. But this achivement is just successful if the people do not longer stick to artemisinin monotherapies as this enforces the resistance of plasmodium towards this drug.

Stay tuned 😉

Kaeptn Future

LC-MS check, column chromatography, HRMS check

Today I did it!

The hydrolysis of a very stable diethyl-acetal with 2M hydrogenchloride worked (THF, 2 h, reflux) and the following intramolecular cyclisation of a beta-ketoamide with the now deprotected aldehyde worked as well. LC-MS reactioncontroll is a really helpfull tool to get quick information about a conversion. I proceeded to check wether the compund is TLC stable or not by simple 2D-TLC. Yes! It is! Quickly ran a column with HRMS-analysis of the collected Spot. Perfect! It´s a mixture of three compounds with nearly the same Rf-value ! The cyclised compound, the cyclised compound including elimination of the newly formed alcohol and traces of my final compound! Tomorrow I will give sodiumhydroxide another chance to give me the cyclised and eliminated compound.  Then it is just one step away from the total synthesis of…..

I just want you to participate in this progress and I want to show, how emotional chemistry can be. More details regarding the synthesis strategy and the final product will follow as soon as possible.


Stay tuned 😉