Welcome to my tiny brain-experience diary. Exactly! I will give you an insight into my thoughts, my plans, my wishes, my concerns and anything else, what agitates me. It would be really nice if you would comment my articles, to perhaps give me a new point of view!

Between September 2008 and October 2012 I was am working my heart out to get my PhD thesis done. It dealt with the organic synthesis of a natural product. This particular compound is synthetically interesting on the one hand and exhibits a moderate activity against Plasmodium falciparum on the other hand. I am pretty sure that you will read several articles regarding that, the compound is named Codinaeopsin and up to now there was no complete total synthesis published.

In 2013 I was aplying for a job in Germany. In the end I wrote 155 highly individualised application letters. This was a pretty hard experience for me as it was unknown to me applying for such a long period if time with all the overwhelming emotions , I never had to feel before.

Since the beginning 2014 I am working in an editorial team as a scientific consultant, dealing with topics in the coatings world. Up to now I can tell you that not every aspect covered in my job interview came true in the end. I have to critisise many things and this is why I will apply for another job in the near future. Perhaps I will be selfemployed, as I do have a nice idea. The only thing I have to do is: Start the project, now.

I would like you to be a part of my journey, as you can perhaps learning from my mistakes. Perhaps you even have a hint for me how I can make my dreams come true! I am looking forward to my future and your reaction.

Stay tuned 😉

Kaeptn Future


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