Last fight….

…..within february and march 2012 I really got very close to the total synthesis of my target molecule. I had to run through three synthetic strategies regarding the last steps. Changing the functional groups implemented in the precursor should give me the final product. Unfortunately it was not possible to isolate the natural product in the end, although I could already detect the molecular mass in LC-MS and HRMS-ESI already. I had a crude product mixture in hands which I could not purify neither by simple column chromatography nor by more advanced HPL-Chromatography. On the other hand my results are valuable as I could develop a dependable strategy to build up necessary precursors.
Hopefully at some point people will make use of my laboratory experience and my results so far. In my opinion the synthetic strategy I was following is superior to other strategies I found so far. With my reactions I can more or less easily provdide precursors in a convergent fashion.

What my synthesis was about, I will tell you in some more detailed posts.

Stay tuned 🙂
Kaeptn Future


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